No Excuses: Foundations for Accountabilty Ethics and Values

This course is designed to give your leaders the tools they need to not only hold themselves to high standards but also influence their peers and the people they lead. The full version of “No Excuses” includes a short video called “Be Accountable” that uses current events to illustrate the lack of accountability in society today. For greater training flexibility your video license purchase will include, the full version, the edited version and the Be Accountable video.

Participant Objectives:

  • Show participants how to align their team to make sure everyone is accountable.
  • Illustrate to participants how their personal accountability affects those around them.
  • Teach participants how to negotiate peer to peer accountability.
  • Show participants the best methods to ensure and promote accountability of those they lead.
  • Teach participants a three step process to use when challenging a coworker’s accountability.
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